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Biomagnetic Adjustment for Working Musicians
Musicians manage significant levels of stress and could be sidelined by physical overuse injuries, mental health crises, and lack of homeostasis and/or proper nutrition. As a musician, you have to reach into your depths to conjure emotional & authentic music that impacts others. Often we may feel like we are not performing optimally in one field of our life and that it is holding back our potential in performance or career longevity. Biomagnetic Adjustment is a unique form of magnetic therapy and an energetic healing art that can address numerous health issues for musicians.

One advantage of this therapy is that it allows creativity on the practitioner's part to bring individualized healing to your unique lifestyle. Addressing deficiencies in the energy of the auditory system and removing noise pollution may not be crucial for every person, yet this could be invaluable for a professional musician. Biomagnetic Adjustment utilizes your own healing
energy to be directed where desired or deficient in order to heal your body’s complete electromagnetic energy (EME). This energy work is intuitive, yet also has a methodical approach to help heal your energetic body. Think of it as restoring your batteries
and detoxifying your body from the toxic energy of substances such as foods, chemicals, metals, and plastics. Many participants report feeling a release of negative emotions & negative energy. Others have even reported the removal of physical pain that could not be
healed by other methods of healing. Many of these benefits will help you be the purest version of yourself, and a pleasant side effect is that you may end up finding it easier to be the most optimal musician you can possibly be.

Feb 24, 2023 10:00 AM in Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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